Lisa Joling

Lisa Joling has been involved in the field of dance for over 25 years. She started taking classes at the age of 4 and was dancing competitively and performing throughout the region by the age of 12.  After completing high school, Miss Joling moved to Los Angeles, CA and enrolled at Santa Monica College as a dance major. In addition to her college studies, Miss Joling also took classes at several dance studios in the area and studied under some of the most prestigious choreographers in the entertainment industry

Miss Joling eventually made her way back to Wisconsin and completed her college studies.  Lisa holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Dance Science and Wellness Management from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, a degree she designed herself in order to gain knowledge and experience of not only dance movement, but also for the purpose of understanding how the body moves and what is needed for the dancer to achieve optimal performance.  Her scientific background in physiology, anatomy, kinesiology, and nutrition contributes to the enhancement of her teaching abilities. Ms. Joling also has experience in behavior change facilitation, is a certified personal trainer and holds her certifications in Zumba and Pilates as well.